CHC Careers

Application Instructions

Please complete the DPS Computerized Criminal History Verification Form prior to beginning the application. You may type your signature in the form. Once you have completed it you MUST attach it to your online application. It will need to be in the current WORD format in order for it to attach.


What type of attachments will your system accept?
Our system will accept three types of documents.

  •    WORD documents with the .doc file extension only
  •    PDF files
  •    .txt files
How do I scroll down the page on the General Information page?
You can either use the Tab key you move down the page or change the percentage you are viewing the webpage at it. If you choose to tab to the bottom of the page you will need to hold down the SHIFT key while hitting the Tab key in order to get back to the top of the page.

Why am I getting a message in red at the top of the general information page?
You must enter something into the white boxes on the General Application page. If your answer is none or N/A please note that in the white box.


Our system is only supported by Internet Explorer. It will not operate in Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Please do not enter a space in your phone number. It should look like this (xxx)xxxxxxx. The system adds the dash for you. Double check to make sure your complete phone number is entered into the blank.

Be sure to include your social security number, date of birth and driver’s license number on your application. We cannot process your application without these three items.

Include your complete work history on your application and/or attach a resume. If there is information missing your application will not be considered.

The system will time you out after 30 minutes. You can submit all required information and then come back to add details.